Honors and Award News

2022.10. Ya-Chun Liang’s paper, entitled Topological Interference Management with Adversarial Topology Perturbation: An Algorithmic Perspective, has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Communications.
2022.09. Ya-Chun Liang’s paper, entitled Improving the Bounds of the Online Dynamic Power Management Problem, has been accepted by ISAAC 2022.
2022.03. Ming-Hao Tung and Chen-Yu Liu’s paper, entitled A Fast and More Accurate Seed-and-Extension Density-based Clustering Algorithm, has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering.
2021.12. Chien-Tse Cheng wins the championship of MOE Intelligent Manufacturing and Big Data Analystics Competition.
2021.05. Our PI receives 2021 IEET Outstanding Teaching Award.
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