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Welcome to visit Dr. Chung-Shou Liao’s lab! Our research mainly focuses on designing efficient algorithms that can be used to solve difficult combinatorial optimization problems from real applications. His lab has developed approximation algorithms with theoretical analysis for well-known hard … Continue reading

Honors and Award News 2021.05.  Our PI receives 2021 IEET Outstanding Teaching Award. 2021.04.  Our lab receives the funding support of the MOST Semiconductor Research Alliance Project. 2021.02.  Our lab organizes the 14th AAAC in Tainan, Taiwan on Oct. 22-24, … Continue reading

Intelligent Manufacturing

The AI project on smart manufacturing would like to investigate practical problems and challenges derived from our recent industrial collaboration with high-tech manufacturing companies. Although there were some manufacturing process problems that can be overcome by conventional machine learning approaches, … Continue reading

Online Route Planning on Road Networks

Modern technologies such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and mobile communication have contributed to the development of dynamic navigation planning based on real-time information. However, traffic conditions vary enormously and unpredictable accidents significantly affect planned routes, which increase the problem … Continue reading

Biological Network Alignment

A fundamental goal of biology is to understand the cell as a system of interacting components and especially, almost every biological process is mediated by a network of molecular interactions. In particular, there has been a considerable amount of research … Continue reading

Power Observation on Grids

When the global energy crisis and related issues become critically important, more researchers focus on the energy management problems and especially, Smart Grid is one of the most popular research topics. In order to solve the technical challenges of communications … Continue reading

Capacitated Facility Location

With the rapid growth of international logistics market, one of the most important research issues is designing a large-scale distribution network. The question of large-scale distribution network design is also becoming central to globalization supply chain management. In general, the … Continue reading