Recent Research Projects

(from 2018)

2023-2025   Unimicron   IC Substrate Yield Prediction Model Based on Layout and Critical
                        Area Analysis
2023-2025   Formosa   Unsupervised Learning & Incremental Learning for Anomaly
                     Detection on Time-series Data
2022-2025   MOST   General Max-min Fair Resource Allocation: Theory and Applications
2023-2024   CTBC    Development of Knowledge Graphs for Industry Information Map
2021-2024   MOST   Learning-augmented Online Algorithms: Theory and Applications
2022-2023   PSMC   Incremental Learning Model for Overlay Mark Sampling
2020-2022   MOST   Applications of AI Techniques to the Lithography Process of
                 Semiconductor Manufacturing (MOST IC Industry and Academia
                 Research Alliance)
2020-2022   104 Tech   Text Generation and Summarization by GPT2 zh-tw>
2019-2022   MOST    Applications of Big Data Analysis and AI to Advanced Process
                  Control and Decision Support Systems (MOST AI Research Project)
2020-2021   AIDC   Manufacturing Tool Behavior Analysis for Time-series Data
2020-2021   104 Tech   Exploiting AI Techniques on the Study of Human Resource Market
2019-2020   UMC   Optimization of Sampling Approaches for Overlay Measurement
2018-2019   MediaTek   Clustering and Learning Algorithms for Information Security
2018-2019   UMC   Exploiting AI on Predictions of ASCAN Alignment for Lithography
               Process in Semiconductor Manufacturing

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