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Welcome to visit Dr. Chung-Shou Liao’s lab! Our research mainly focuses on designing efficient algorithms that can be used to solve difficult combinatorial optimization problems from real applications. Our lab has developed approximation algorithms with theoretical analysis for well-known hard … Continue reading

Honors and Award News 2024.01. Sheng-Yen Ko’s paper, entitled Polynomial-time Combinatorial Algorithm for General Max–Min Fair Allocation, has been publised in Algorithmica.. 2023.08. Chien-Tse Cheng’s paper, entitled Seq2CASE: Weakly Supervised Sequence to Commentary Aspect Score Estimation for Recommendation, has been … Continue reading

Clustering for Unsupervised Learning

Clustering algorithms have been widely studied in many scientific areas, such as data mining, knowledge discovery, bioinformatics and machine learning. More specifically, cluster analysis which is an essential technique for unsupervised learning, aims to find the underlying structure of a … Continue reading

Online Algorithms & Incremental Learning

Machine learning aims at dealing with uncertainty and making predictions about the future scenarios in the unknown environment. The core idea of coping with such uncertainty, or decision making without knowing the information of future input is very similar to … Continue reading

Modern Route Planning

Modern technologies such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and mobile communication have contributed to the development of dynamic navigation planning based on real-time information. However, traffic conditions vary enormously and unpredictable accidents significantly affect planned routes, which increase the problem … Continue reading

Network Alignment for Recommendation

Nowadays online recommendation systems aim at offering a wide range of up-to-date information and providing personalized recommendations since people usually read news shortly. However, existing studies/systems either recommend news from the same media platform or just bring multiple sources of … Continue reading